Sale: d=30.0 mm, Dial ETA 7750, white decor, patch chrome figures, DayDate on 3

Product no.: D040300.011[A]

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Movement: ETA 7750  
Color: white matt decor,
chrome figures
Index black printed
Design: Classic  
ZB7750D Dial diameter: 30.00 mm
ZB7750iD Index diameter: 28.00 mm
ZB7750ZSMIN length minute- and
second hands:
13.00 mm
ZB7750ZSM maximum length minute-
and second hands:
14.00 mm
ZB7750ZMSEK maximum length
3.50 mm
ZB7750ZMSM maximum length
3.50 mm
ZB7750ZMSS maximum length
3.50 mm


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